Lombok Hotels – A Wonderful Assortment

Lombok Hotels – A Wonderful Assortment – Located in associate degree island within the West Lesser Sunda Islands province of land, Lombok is luring tourists with its pristine beauty. the town is placed within the east of island and is rising as a preferred destination in land.

The popularity of this place lies in its unspoiled beaches and natural beauty. The emergence of recent and comfy hotels in Land Tour Lombok is another factor that is appealing travelers to succeed in this place and pay a luxury vacation. Lombok is that the absolutely place for a vacation for peace seeking travelers. this can be an area wherever you’ll slug, relax, rest and recreate amidst pristine fantastic thing about this destination.

When to go to Lombok

mount bromo tour and travel It offers a tropical weather with hot, wet and dry climate. attributable to its wet climate, a number of the tourists even opt to visit this town within the time of year, that is from Oct to December.

Activities to try to to in Lombok

It is terribly silent as so much as nightlife thinks about. there’s hardly any special nightclub wherever you’ll relish and make merry. So, do not expect to relish all night long throughout your sojourn here. Tourists throng to Lombok primarily attributable to its smart aquatics facilities. Diving, snorkeling, surfing, hiking and sailing square measure some well-liked sports that interest tourists here borobudur and prambanan packages

Sightseeing in Lombok:

Lombok offers a number of the terribly lovely attractions, that embody beaches, massive volcano and its natural scenic beauty. a number of should see places here are often named as Tanjung Aan, a beautiful place close to Kuta Beach. This place is well-liked for its distinctive pepper like sand. alternative attractions embody Narmada Park, Youth Fountain etc. Another important factor that guests at Lombok likes to waste to induce a standard message medical care. Food at Lombok is additionally terrific as this town has some nice wine and eating choices.

Transportation in Lombok

Travelers will reach Lombok via flight that lands at the Mataram Selaparang aerodrome. This aerodrome connects Lombok with places like Denpasar, Surabaya, Jakarta and international destinations like national capital and Singapore. Amongst alternative means that of transportation embody regular slow boat and quick ferry service between Lombok and island. For transportation among the town, there square measure mini-vans referred to as Bemo, taxis, horse carts, boats, and bicycles.

Hotels in Lombok

There square measure an oversized range of excellent hotels in Lombok giving snug accommodation to tourists. There square measure totally different hotels of various budget, lodges, resorts etc. The hotels here square measure largely equipped with trendy amenities and serve guests with real friendliness, heat welcome and nice cordial reception. For the budget travelers additionally, the town offers varied low rated hotels and resorts with necessary facilities for the discerning travelers.

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Semarang Hotels – Providing Quality Services

Semarang Hotels – Providing Quality Services – Semarang stunning|is gorgeous} town encircled by beautiful hills, valleys and rice fields. this can be one amongst the popular cities of state and also the capital of the central Java Province. Being a vital port, this town function a vital industrial center. The gaining quality of this town has junction rectifier to the development of an outsized range of hotels in surabaya city tour package, so the guests will fancy a snug vacation within the town.

How to reach Samarang

Semarang is socially connected with alternative destinations via Ahmad Yani International aerodrome set near town centre. International tourists will attain this town by catching a flight obtainable on everyday from any major town in state. several airlines provide daily flights to capital of Indonesia from this town on regular basis. Besides domestic flights, Garuda state airline conjointly offers flights to Singapore fourfold every week. town is additionally well connected to capital of Indonesia, urban center and Surabaya by train and provide smart links via roads. It takes regarding ten to twelve hours by automotive from capital of Indonesia.

Attractions in Samarang

malang tour package There square measure several attention-grabbing places in and around Samarang that has got to be visited. Jepara could be a stunning little village towards the northeast of Samarang. This village is in style for its spectacularly stunning beaches and a Portuguese Fort. Kudus and Demak square measure 2 alternative attractions which will be seen on the thanks to Jepara. Samarang could be a metropolis and have influences of colonial Dutch era in its buildings and structures. look the normal Wajang puppet performance is another attention-grabbing activity to fancy within the town.

Hotels in Samarang

There square measure variety of various accommodation choices obtainable within the town. There square measure completely different hotels, lodges, resorts and residences providing smart facilities and a option to select the simplest building. Ijen crater tour Travelers seeking budget accommodation will lodge in low-cost hotels with smart amenities. Families and couples will select the posh hotels and resorts and completely different budget accommodations. you’ll book a hotels in Samarang with the assistance of the web net reservation facility. you’ll directly visit the official web site of the building or use the other reliable web site for booking.

Semarang is one amongst the popular cities of state and also the capital of the central Java Province. Being a vital port, this town function a vital industrial center. The gaining quality of this town has junction rectifier to the development of an outsized range of hotels in Samarang, so the guests will fancy a snug vacation within the town.

Top 10 Tourist Destinations in East Java

Top 10 Tourist Destinations in East Java – Indonesia may be a hub for tourer activities, and if you ever need to witness the wonder of nature integrated with African like savannah in Asia, then you may definitely opt to visit east Java.

The province is one in every of the most effective tourer destinations not simply in state, however in all probability in Asia. East Java is full of natural tourer destinations, national parks, volcano looking and much of gorgeous restaurants wherever you’d be served high of the road delicacies. East java is additionally the foremost developed province in state Dieng Plateau Tour.

Here area unit high ten tourer destinations in East Java.

Baluran park is one in every of the most effective tourer destinations in East Java. The park not solely features a giant space of twenty five,000 area units, however conjointly thought of to be a forest space, preserved in an exceedingly good manner, to offer it a respectable look.
Baluran park features a tinge of African outlook, with its giant savannah grasslands. it is a should see destination, and it is very simply accessible from any a part of east Java.
If you would like to witness a volcanic mountain, then you must build it some extent to go to Blitar. The city came in to limelight for being the birth place of Indonesia’s introduction father. It conjointly contains beaches and a Hindu temple.
Active volcanoes in east Java province had created it a hot tourer destination, and just in case you’re harbouring any plans to look at a full of life volcano, then proceed to Bromo- Tengger-Semeru park. The park is created out of two common mountains, one may be a volcanic mountain, wherever volcano eruptions area unit frequent, and also the alternative, Mount Bromo may be a high blown off mountain. However, you wish to require permissions to climb the mountain.
strive about to Pulau Sempu, and you’d be ready to witness lagune within the enticing park. Pulau Sempu is a perfect place to go to once you have a dry weather.
Alas Purwo Tour may be a image of acute financial condition, however you’d love the island for its natural beauty. financial condition isn’t the rationale for you to go to the island. really the island has some terribly stunning tourer destinations wherever you’d be ready to have a good time.
Bull sport in Madura is perhaps the most effective outing you may have in Madura within the east Java province. Tourists build it some extent to go to Madura to witness the bull sport championships throughout fall.
Kangean islands area unit one in every of the most effective places in east Java province to witness marine life. Kangean Island is that the largest island in Madura, and sensible place for snorkelling.
Tombs in east java province, particularly those settled in Madura islands area unit price looking at. The Ratu Ibu spot and Asta Tinggi Tombs area unit one in every of the most effective royal toms in Madura. The tombs need to be lined by going into the villages.
one in every of the outstanding rural attractions for tourists is that the fishing villages within Madura. Once you lead through Bangkalan, you’d encounter several fishing villages within the northern coast of Madura. Most of the skilled worker use giant boats to catch fish.
Meru Betiri park is one in every of the most important national parks in east Java province. the dimensions of the park may be a giant space, and you’d realize the park unfold to fifty,000 hectare. Indonesia tour package

Travelling to Indonesia

 Travelling to Indonesia – When move for a protracted amount of your time, like a year, it’s nearly not possible to set up intimately all of the places that you simply will visit. once my girlfriend and that i cosmopolitan we tend to had a reasonably solid plan of all the countries we tend to supposed to travel in however we tend to did not understand precisely wherever we might go after we got there. typically the choice to go to a selected place comes along slowly and incrementally.

Land Tour Lombok Flores in state could be a exemplar of this. we tend to had originally supposed to travel in state for two weeks. i might ne’er detected of Flores before setting off on our travels, abundant less had I any intention of going there. Then at some purpose, somehow, I began to learn of this place referred to as Flores. Then I hear regarding some specific sight or activity that pulls folks in. Then an inspiration starts to require shape: what if i used to be to travel to Flores? Gili Islands Tour what’s there to try to to there? however would i purchase there? however long would i would like there?

And because the answers to those queries move you are left with a straightforward call to make: we’re reaching to Flores!

The Plan

Bali Tour We created a concept to fly from Bali to the city of Maumere on the so much japanese aspect of the island of Flores. From Maumere we might move to the village of Moni and visit Kelimutu volcano (this was the initial hook that interested America – a volcano with three crater lakes of variable colors at its summit.) From Moni we might continue heading we tend tost till we need to the port city of Labuan Bajo within the so much west of the island. From here we’d build our manner back towards Bali by ocean and somehow visit the islands of the monitor lizard.

Gaps within the set up

What we tend to did not understand was however we might travel from place to put while on the island; wherever we might sleep and what the accommodation prices and quality area unit like; what the food was like in Flores; and do folks speak English. excluding Kelimutu we actually had no plan what else there was to check and do. Sukamade Turtle Beach Tour

Just associate with the Flow

Sometimes you only ought to associate with the flow and see what happens. and then this can be what we tend to did in Flores. we tend to knew from on-line analysis that there was a bus from Maumere to Moni however that our plane was thanks to arrive when the time at that the bus would depart. thus {when we tend to|once we tend to|after we} got hold of the landing field we negotiated with a taxi driver to check what quite a value we might get to Moni. we tend to managed to induce the worth right down to 1/2 his original supply and that i felt that this was too smart to show down. we tend to conjointly patterned it might save America having to buy an evening in Maumere with great care that we tend to might take the bus subsequent day. The taxi driver later told he was lives in Moni associateyway thus it absolutely was either repel with an empty automobile or a minimum of build one thing from America. He offered America accommodation in Moni however we tend to told him we tend to wished one thing cheaper (even tho’ what he offered America wasn’t precisely expensive) and then he born America off at his friends’ house, virtually across the road – the sole road in Moni – from his own place.

Moni and Kelimutu Volcano

The next morning we tend to awoke at four.30am and go away to Kelimutu, Explore Gunung Kidul while it absolutely was still dark, on the rear of 2 motorbikes driven by locals. we tend to followed the road as so much because it went and so had to park up and walk the remainder of the manner, minus the locals. crepuscule began to break as we tend to created our high the Volcano towards the summit. At the highest we tend to tried the 3 lakes and fresh up while awaiting the primary glimpse of the sun rising up over the horizon.

After we tend to’d had enough up there and were happy that we’d taken enough cool photos we began to head go into reverse. we tend to determined to steer back to Moni to expertise and savour the atmosphere and native setting. it absolutely was a protracted walk however we actually enjoyed it. From reproval the taxi driver the night before, we tend to knew there was a bus due at some purpose that morning to require America on to subsequent village. However, nobody in Moni might say sure as shooting once the bus would withstand and then instead we tend to jumped into a shared taxi and paid a value kind of like what the bus would have price. we tend to got out at subsequent city and once more asked around for the time of subsequent bus to Barjawa. Again, when standing around for whereas being told voluminous totally different times for the bus we tend to determined to require another shared taxi. we tend to roughly knew what proportion the ticket would price and then we tend to were able to hash out a similar value for the taxi.


It’s a few hours to Barjawa. we tend to asked the taxi driver to drop America off at a guest house. However, the one he born America off at did not have quandary thus we tend to went in search of an alternate. we tend to found one we tend to liked  however this one conjointly did not have quandary. we tend to quite established that quandary is not the norm in Flores. At breakfast subsequent morning we tend to virtually had no plan what we tend to were reaching to do while in Barjawa or what there was to check. we tend to asked the guy operating the edifice reception if he had any concepts and asked America to require a seat whereas he referred to as his friend. many minutes later a bloke turned up asking if we tend to wished to travel on a tour of Barjawa and therefore the encompassing space. He explained the itinerary and quoted a value that we tend to thought affordable and then, as presently as he referred to as a mate to return at the side of another motorcycle, we tend to jumped on the rear of the bikes and went off for daily of exploring.

During the day we tend to visited visit a family WHO created palm wine wherever we tend to need to climb a palm and collect the palm juice before being given an evidence regarding the assembly technique.

We next visited alittle ancient village wherever the native folks still live by their own ancient laws and rituals and are given special dispensations by the govt. to continue life during this manner. we tend to tried manduction areca nut. We’d seen folks manduction this in several components of Asia, these items that turned the chewers’ whole mouth a deep shade of red, however we’d ne’er illustrious what it absolutely was. we tend to did not find it irresistible.

We then visited another ancient village, a fair older one. This place was extremely cool and had the planning and feel of a social group settlement the likes of that I had perpetually unreal regarding visiting. What i actually wanted regarding these places was that they hadn’t (yet) sold-out out their culture by pandering to holidaymakers and tourist greenbacks. there have been no tacky stalls and no expectations of tips or hand-outs. The folks simply quietly went regarding their business as guests with courtesy had a trifle prying around.

After visiting the village we tend to drove many kilometres to the location of some natural hot springs. We’d been to ‘natural’ hot springs before that felt a lot of like they belonged in an exceedingly} resort or a leisure centre and then did not feel very natural in any respect. The natural hot springs that our guide took America to but could not are a lot of natural. tucked away within the forest you may right away see that they hadn’t been altered or manipulated by the hand of man within the slightest. we tend to had lunch and so had a good afternoon enjoying regarding within the (very) hot springs.

Labuan Bajo (Western Flores)

After the fun of Barjawa, we tend to took a shared taxi (we gave abreast of the concept of catching a bus) to the most port city of Labuan Bajo. Labuan Bajo is in comparatively shut proximity to the islands of the Komodo Dragons (in truth a number of dragons still go on alittle a part of Flores itself) and then several captains supply their boats to require folks on tours of the islands. touristry is commencing to develop as a lot of and a lot of folks conclude regarding this. With this comes the event of a holidaymaker infrastructure, that though is non-existent within the remainder of Flores, it’s turning into clear in Labuan Bajo. There area unit nice places to remain, restaurants giving western dishes and smart low and there area unit several holidaymaker agencies wanting to induce some greenbacks from foreign guests.

Tips Terlihat Menarik dengan Fashion Serba Putih

Tips Terlihat Menarik dengan Fashion Serba Putih – Ingin tampil dengan gaya monokrom tetapi tidak mau terlihat membosankan? Bisa juga anda melihat2 contoh yang ada di trend model terkini. Misalnya, Anda bisa memadukan pakaian dengan atasan bermotif dan hijab. Bahan kain atau tekstur berbeda akn memberikan kesan yang lebih unik dan elegan.

Padukan dgn Nuansa Putih Lainnya
Putih tersebut ternyata punya banyak variasi dan warna turunannya. Beberapa diantaranya warna putih salju, putih gading, serta lainnya. Sampean dapat memadukan baju dengan nuansa warna putih yg berbeda-beda.trend hijab untuk remaja terkini Tetapi tantangannya di sini ialah Kamu harus dpt memadukan setiap nuansa warnanya dgn cermat. trend model baju muslim warna putih Jangan hingga nuansa warna putih yang Sampean padukan malah terlihat belang-belang (satunya terlalu cerah serta satunya terlalu gelap dan malah membuatnya terkesan kotor). ada juga tips memakai hijab untuk wajah bulat atau tembem

Tambahkan Sentuhan Warna Netral
Trend model sandal wanita terkini  Sepatu atau tas warna putih tampaknya memang sangat cocok utk menyempurnakan penampilan fashion serba putih Anda. foto trend baju gamis terkini Tapi ternyata ada alternatif lain untuk membuat tampilan Sampean lebih menarik & atraktif. Sebagai contoh Anda dapat memakai sepatu berwarna nude atau sepatu pump berwarna silver. baca juga model baju korea terbaru

Tambahkan Aksesoris
Kenakan kalung boho atau pakai gelang warna-warni juga dpt membuat tampilan Lw lebih atraktif. atau Aksesoris seperti model gaun pengantin muslim terkini yang sedikit mencolok dengan bentuk unik bisa menghilangkan kesan membosankan dari fashion serba putih yang Kamu kenakan. Satu aksesoris yang cukup mencolok saja telah cukup untuk menjadi daya tarik penampilan Nte sendiri.
Perhatikan Gaya Rambut & Riasan Wajah (Make Up) Anda

Karena Anda telah memilih baju dengan warna serba putih, gak perlu ragu untuk memakai lipstik berwarna merah atau dgn eyeliner berwarna metalik. Tetapi untuk tampilan yang lebih natural & feminin, Lw dapat pilih riasan wajah matte. Sementara utk rambut, Lw dpt mengaturnya sesuka hati, mulai dari dicepol biasa, dikepang, atau sekadar dikuncir kuda. baca juga beberapa contoh baju gamis terkini atau ingin tampil cantik dengan maxi skirt
Pemilihan Pakaian Dalam
Satu lagi kuncinya adalah untuk memastikan bahwa tampilan fashion serba putih Anda tetap terlihat cantik merupakan dgn memilih pakaian dlm yang tepat. Untuk amannya pilih pakaian dlm berwarna putih atau nude agar gak tembus pandang & malah merusak tampilan fashion serba putih Anda. jika pingin tau bagaimana cara memakai hijab turban style

Tips dan Strategi Peluang Usaha Bisnis Rumahan

Tips dan Strategi Peluang Usaha Bisnis RumahanPeluang bisnis yg dpt dikerjakan dari rumah relatif banyak, namun terkadang org melupakan bagaimana strategi menjalankan bisnis rumahan tersebut. Bisa jadi bisnis baru berjalan sebentar saja sudah menyerah serta tutup. Pernah kawan akrab peulis bercerita dalam membangun bisnis usahanya yg saat tersebut dia mempunyai banyak modal (baru pulang dari mancanegara ceritanya) & dia berkeinginan membangun sebuah bisnis rumahan yang dpt menjadi penyalur dari dana-dana yg sudah dia kumpulkan ketika bekerja dari mancanegara. Semua persiapan sudah jadi serta semua peralatan sudah siap serta langsung saja dia membuka sebuah usaha coffe shop lantaran area loaksinya dekat dgn kampus mahasiswa di salah satu universitas di Yogyakarta. Namun apa yg terjadi baru pagi buka perdana & dalam satu hari tersebut kondisi hujan gerimis jadi gak ada konsumen satupun sampai sore maka yg lebih heboh lagi bahwa besok paginya coffe shop langsung ditutup dan memutuskan utk berhenti melanjutkan bisnisnya itu hehehe… aneh bukan :)

Kondisi seperti tersebut dapat saja terjadi bukan hanya pada kawan kami, membangun usaha apalagi sebuah bisnis rumahan memang diperlukan tips dan strategi yg cukup baik & tertata rapi. Lalu apa saja sih tips & strategi dari peluang usaha berbasis rumahan ini?

Mengingat bahwa bisnis akan di jalankan di rumah, maka modal dasar ialah bisnis tersebut mesti yang benar-benar Lw minati (Anda senang serta menyukai model bisnis tersebut), ada pepatah rumahku istanaku, maka bisnis yg ada di istana Anda itu sebaiknya memang sebuah usaha yg cukup menyenangkan & tidak membosankan. Anda suka internet marketing? Anda dpt membuka bisnis reseller, googl publisher, & beberapa jenis usaha onlien lainya. Anda suka otomotif? Lw senang utak atik mesin kendaraan bermotor? Anda bisa membuka bengkel motor, Engkau suka koveksi/fashion? Anda bisa membuka bisnis konveksi dirumah. Intinya bisnis rumahan yg Engkau akan ambil sebaiknya memang sebuah macam peluang bisnis yg Anda sukai.

Jangan meremehkan pengaturan manajemen keuangan dalam bisnis rumahan lho ya? terkadang org terlalu terlena dgn hal yg satu ini. Karna bisnis dilakukan di rumah maka terkadang keuangan perusahaan Kamu tersebut menjadi campur aduk dgn keuangan rumah tangga Anda. Jadi tips yan kedua ini pisahkan dan atur secara profesional arus kas keluar masuk baik modal & harga operasional dari sebuah biisnis yg di lakukan dirumah. Jangan sekali-kali menggampangkan/ meremehkan karna dpt menjadi ribet kedepan nantiya. Apalagi bila modal itu bukanlah modal Kamu sendiri atau dpt dibilang dari investor atau joinan Sampean serta partner bisnis Anda. Jadi mesti extra teliti serta hati-hati.

Untuk masalah promosi sebuah bisnis apa saha tak tergantung apakah di lakukan dari hunian atau bukan, promosi atau informasi marketing sangat diperlukan. Harapan untuk produk kita di order atau di pakai oelh banyak konsumen jelas merupakan target dari sebuah bisnis usaha. Untuk bisnis yg dijalankan dirumah Sampean dpt mengerjakan narketing melalui media offline serta online tergantung apa sih model bisnis yang Anda jalankan tersebut. Media masa seperti iklan baris koran serta majalah lokal akan cukup membantu selain dari media online seperti media sosial serta iklan online lainnya. Berikan nila tambah yg menarik dlm promosi bisnis Anda, sertakan bonus-bonus yg memungkinkan diterapkan ke bisnis Nte dan sebarkan di dlm promosi Anda tersebut atau mungkin anda bisa membuka toko online seperti surabaya store dan juga belanja murah

Untuk yg satu ini sangat penting juga, mengingat konsumen adalah sumber dari dana keuangan/ penghasilan Nte maka Anda mesti menjaga komunikasi supaya berjalan baik & lancar dgn mereka. Karna macam usaha Lw adalah bisnis rumahan maka jelas konsumen akn mengetahui alamat tepat dari bisnis Sampean tersebut, jadi sangan sampai membuat komunikasi yg membuat konsumen tdk tertarik dgn layanan Anda. Mungkin produk Anda di sukai oleh mereka, tetapi saat komunikasi Engkau kurang baik dengan calon konsumen maka mereka dpt tidak jadi membeli produk Anda. Jadi berhati-hatilah & tetap menjaga silahturahmi dgn para calon konsumen.

Makanan Berprotein Dapat Mencegah Hipertensi?

Makanan Berprotein Dapat Mencegah Hipertensi? – Penelitian yg diterbitkan dlm American Journal of Hypertension, menunjukkan bahwa orang mengkonsumsi rata-rata 100 gram protein setiap hari (sedikit lebih banyak dari protein yang ada dlm 8 ons steak) mempunyai risiko 40 persen lebih rendah mempunyai tekanan darah tinggi dibandingkan dengan mereka yg mengkonsumsi makanan rendah protein, itu adalah salah satu cara agar hidup sehat

Di Amerika, satu dari tiga org memiliki hipertensi, & sekitar 78 juta org secara klinis mengalami obesitas, yang jg ialah faktor risiko pengembangan hipertensi. Dikarenakan ketegangan yg menempatkan pada dinding pembuluh darah, hal tersebut adalah salah satu faktor risiko yg paling umum utk penyakit jantung & stroke, terutama ketika dipasangkan dengan kelebihan berat badan. baca juga cara cepat hamil setelah haid

Untuk mencapai kesimpulan mereka, para peneliti menganalisis pola makan peserta yang sehat dari Framingham Offspring Study serta dimonitor tekanan darahnya selama periode 11-tahun. Mereka menemukan bahwa orang dewasa yg mengkonsumsi lebih banyak protein, baik dari sumber hewani atau nabati, diketahui mempunyai tingkat tekanan darah yang lebih rendah setelah dimonitor selama empat tahun, terlepas dari apakah mereka kelebihan berat badan atau tidak.

Para peneliti jg menemukan bahwa makanan berprotein juga dikaitkan dgn risiko yg lebih rendah untuk terkena tekanan darah tinggi dlm jangka panjang. baca juga tips diet sehat menurunkan berat badan

“Hasil ini tidak memberikan bukti yang menunjukkan bahwa orang yang peduli tentang perkembangan (hipertensi) mesti menghindari protein. Sebaliknya, asupan protein mungkin memainkan peran dalam pencegahan jangka panjang itu??,” jelas Lynn Moore, profesor kedokteran di BUSM. “Penelitian ini menunjukkan kami perlu meninjau kembali asupan protein yang optimal utk kesehatan jantung yg optimal.”

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info pengertian komputer dan jaringan

info pengertian komputer dan jaringan -  Ada bermacam macam topologi jaringan komputer yang banyak di gunakan saat ini antara lain merupakan Topologi Bus, Topologi Ring, Topologi Star, Topologi Mesh, Topologi Linear, masing-masing macam topologi ini mempunyai kelebihan dan kekurangannnya sendiri.

Topologi bintang ialah bentuk topologi jaringan yang berupa konvergensi dari node tengah ke setiap node atau pengguna. Topologi jaringan bintang termasuk topologi jaringan dgn harga menengah.

Topologi bus adalah topologi yg banyak dipergunakan pada masa penggunaan kabel sepaksi menjamur. Dengan menggunakan T-Connector (dengan terminator 50ohm pada ujung network), maka komputer atau perangkat jaringan lainnya dpt dengan mudah dihubungkan satu sama lain.

Topologi cincin ialah topologi jaringan berbentuk rangkaian titik yg masing-masing terhubung ke dua titik lainnya, sedemikian sehingga membentuk jalur melingkar membentuk cincin.

Topologi Pohon merupakan kombinasi karakteristik antara topologi star serta topologi bus. Topologi ini terdiri atas kumpulan topologi star yg dihubungkan dalam satu topologi bus sebagai backbone. Komputer-komputer dihubungkan ke hub, sedangkan hub lain di hubungkan sebagai jalur tulang punggung atau backbone.

Jaringan komputer dgn topologi runtut (linear topology) biasa disebut dengan topologi bus beruntut, tata letak ini termasuk tata letak umum. Satu kabel utama menghubungkan tiap titik sambungan (komputer) yang dihubungkan dengan penyambung yang disebut dengan Penyambung-T & pada ujungnya mesti diakhiri dengan sebuah penamat (terminator).

Topologi Mesh merupakan suatu topologi yg memang didisain untuk mempunyai tingkat restorasi dengan berbagai alternatif rute atau penjaluran yg biasanya disiapkan dgn dukungan perangkat lunak atau software


Kombinasi dari dua atau lebih topologi yang berbeda utk membuat topologi hybrid. Ketika topologi dasar yang berbeda yg terhubung ke satu sama lain, mereka tdk menampilkan karakteristik dari setiap topologi satu tertentu. Ini ialah saat itu menjadi topologi hibrida.

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cara untuk memilih nama domain

cara untuk memilih nama domain – Jika web memaparkan beberapa kumpulan informasi terbaru, sama seperti site ini maka nte dpt memakai keyword sebagai nama domain. Nama domain jg sebaiknnya jangan terlalu panjang, pilih dua suku kata supaya gampang diingat (maksimum 3 kata) & jangan menggunakan karakter seperti dash, hypen (-), ataupun underscore (_).

Pilih nama domain .com

Secara sadar ketika orang saat mendengar nama website akn selalu tertuju pada domain .com serta ini tak dapat dirubah, jadi sebaiknya hindari domain dengan akhiran lain seperti .web.id atau .info atau domain lain yang tak terkenal. (alternatif lain gunakan .net)
Jangan memakai nama domain utk negara tertentu (co.id, co.uk, co.in, .co.jp, dll)

Hindari memilih nama domain yang ditujukan untuk negara tertentu seperti co.id ataupun co.uk, lantaran Google secara otomatis akn melisting site engkau khusus utk negara tersebut. Hal ini mesti dihindari bila website yang dibuat ditujukan utk pembaca global (atau mau mentarget pembaca web utk negara lain).
Hindari menggunakan nama domain yang sudah dipakai

Bila sudah ada web yg menggunakan nama misal infoteknologi .com, sebaiknya hindari pemakaian nama dengan domain yang berbeda, misalkan dgn .web.id, co.id, .info, dll. Karna menggunakan nama yg sama lebih memberi kerugian daripada keuntungan bagi anda, lantaran kemungkinan besar web site kalah bersaing, dicap plagiat, pembaca menyasar ke web tersebut, dll.
Jangan menggunakan nama domain perusahaan Per merek

Meskipun dlm membeli nama domain tdk ada larangan utk memakai nama dagang perusahaan / merek lain, tapi sebaiknya hal ini dicegah, karna bila isi situs nte dinilai tdk berkualitas, mencemarkan nama baik, ataupun membuat kebingungan dgn merk dagang tersebut, maka nama domain kamu dpt diambil secara paksa oleh perusahaan yang bersangkutan.
Jangan gunakan nama domain gratis

Nama domain gratis akn membuat org menganggap remeh isi web ataupun layanan, jasa, produk yg ditawarkan. Org akn menilai lw tak memiliki modal serta tak bonafit.

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